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Rolling Roses

Rolling Roses is a feminine collection of porcelain homeware and jewellery by Nottingham based ceramicist Leanne Ball.

Drawn to the purity of porcelain she combines this delicate medium with the intricate and beautiful patterns of lace to produce a range of homeware that includes tea light holders, tea ware, vases, plates and bowls, with a textile like surface. Additions to the range include small framed pieces, spoons, trinket dishes and jewellery, all inspired by a love of curiosities and collections.

All pieces are handbuilt or press moulded in her small home studio. The porcelain is glazed using a soft pastel colour palette, often with the addition of gold lustre to enhance the delicacy of this beautiful material.

Janice Fellows

Janice has always loved the world of clay, beavering away in the evenings or snatching hours when her children were at school. Once she retired she's been able to fulfill her dream of creating a workshop and kiln in her garden.

The inspiration for her fine, translucent, delicate porcelain comes from a love of interiors and creating. Her designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, vintage finds and exploring art galleries. Janice hand builds and slip casts her pieces, adding decoration with textures or highlights them with glaze, glass or gold lustre.

She undertakes bespoke commissions creating unique pieces to commemorate a special occasion or wedding favours.

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WT201 Hula Teacup and Saucer, Fine Bone China, 9 x 18 x 18 cm. RRP £70 MBHOL - Wendy Tournay.jpg

Wendy Tournay

Wendy Tournay is an award winning Ceramic Designer/Maker specialising in Contemporary Luxury Fine Bone China Interior Products.

Inspired by the ethos of Scandinavian design with its functionality, honesty of materials and simplicity, her work is primarily focused on creating perfectly handmade functional pieces with simple clean lines using the finest materials. She models each new shape in solid plaster and from this she makes a plaster mould. Each handmade piece is slip-cast in the Finest Whitest Bone China, fettled, dried and fired. A glossy transparent glaze is applied before the second firing to enhance the pure clean lines. 

Upsydaisy Craft

Natalie Roberts is the ceramic designer behind 'Upsydaisy Craft'. She makes bright colourful quirky ceramics in the form of jewellery, pots and artwork, inspired by biscuits such as 'custard creams' & 'jammy dodgers', as well as doodles.

Her work is handmade in her home studio, with all the patterns hand painted with underglazes and fired in a kiln. "I love making the pieces and hope people will love them too."

22F83197-4457-4F2D-9848-58DFE753E23F - Natalie Roberts.jpeg