The Discovery Directory enables online shoppers to learn a little more about you as a designer-maker, your products and your processes. Included will be direct links to your website. This has the potential to create direct sales for your business.

Visits to our site reached up tp16,000 page views in 2017.

We will refer to the ‘Discovery Directory’ regularly via social media and will dedicate time to each particular category, ensuring you direct exposure to our ever growing audiences.

To participate in the Discovery Directory:

  • The Discovery Directory is categorised into textiles, jewellery, ceramics, botanics, art & illustration & homewares, of which you are able to select the one most pertinent to you.

  • You will maintain a permanent presence on our website until March 1st 2019
  • We will promote our Discovery Directory on all our social media platforms
  • Please provide a short bio of you/ your products/ your materials/ your design processes etc (a maximum of 140 words).
  • If you are successful in your application we will ask you to provide three high quality photographs of you and your products. Please note, these will be used throughout the year and therefore, it is of paramount importance you choose these carefully. They must be aesthetically engaging and represent you and your brand.

Cost £30 

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