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Copper & Solder

Copper & Solder is the brain child of Lichfield based designer Katie Figiel. Having studied textile design at university, it was only in June 2015 that Katie started experimenting with copper. After a couple of personal projects that her Dad helped build, they wondered if anyone else might be interested, so they came up with a name and listed their first few items on Folksy. They received so much interest, Katie quit her day job and Copper & Solder was born. 

With a focus to create unique homewares for modern, casual living spaces with an industrial, minimal feel.

Sibley Sparling

Ella is the founder of SIBLEYSPARLING. She has a passion for contemporary design and strives to create modern pieces that consist of clean lines, quality materials and a splash of colour. A playful approach to combining materials drives the design process to see how materials interact with each other and the contrasts that can be formed in colour and texture.

She believes that the items we surround ourselves with affect both our environment and mood and therefore hopes that her pieces are able to enhance both.

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Luna Lamp Bulb - Louise Carpenter - The Paperdolls Discovery


Louise Carpenter has always had a passion for design, creating beautiful products and environments that everyone can enjoy. She is fortunate to have numerous opportunities to expresses this passion; as a lighting designer, interior designer, fashion and textile lecturer.

Her current lighting range  'L-ight'  began life through experimentation of how light can illuminate and intensify modern textile applications and forms, discovering that it’s possible to create a unique ambient vibe in which light and space are sculptured together - essentially weaving with light.

Louise's enthusiasm has driven her to create a range of products that give a respectful look back to some classic design themes and pull them into the present day by using some very modern materials and solutions. You will find her work is beautiful, fun and accessible for everyone.

Cheryl Steventon

Cheryl Steventon is a glass artist originally from Cornwall but now based in the Midlands. She creates glass and natural stone sculptures inspired by the coast and countryside. Using traditional techniques such as copper foiling and torch fired enamels

Cheryl enjoys exploring the different landscapes the stones suggest whether a craggy cliff, a stormy sea or gentle rolling hills.

Cheryl Steventon - The Paperdolls Discovery