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Hannah Kyriakou

Hannah Kyriakou is a trained jeweller and silversmith based in Birmingham. She handcrafts sterling silver botanical inspired jewellery which captures the simplistic delicacy of nature. The inspiration behind her designs have evolved from childhood memories of stuffing leaves, flowers and pine cones into her pockets and treasuring them.

Now, instead of keeping them as mementos, the organic materials that she collects such as flower buds, seed pods and twigs are at the foundation of every piece of jewellery that she makes, using methods such as lost wax casting, hand forging and engraving to create each piece.

She includes small and organic precious stones which reflect the same ethos to produce delicate and detailed jewellery based on the changing seasons, and strives to reflect the beauty of the British countryside in all of her pieces.

Dose of Rose

Since she was little, jewellery designer Sienna was always fascinated by jewels and grew up knowing she wanted to have a career working with them. Keen to pursue something creative and in the fashion industry, jewellery felt like the natural path. Sienna went on to study jewellery design at university.  

Just as a rose symbolise beauty and can bring happiness, Sienna wanted to create something that made women feel beautiful and happy. Dose of Rose represents how every woman deserves a dose of something beautiful. "I wanted to make getting dressed everyday a little luxe and design collections filled with forever pieces you'll wear over and over, season to season." she says.

Mixing uncomplicated beauty of minimal materials with contemporary design, creating on trend pieces to effortlessly elevate your every look.

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