Studio Tour Enquiries

Our Studio Tours are a fabulous opportunity for you to provide our viewers and potential customers with a direct insight into you as a designer-maker including your workspace, your inspirations and your design methodologies. The Studio Tour is a comprehensive illustrative, expressive and pictorial delight for our viewers and a fantastic opportunity for you to raise awareness of your processes and creative musings.

Please see past examples here.

We (Jo and Carolyn) will both come and visit you for 2 hours at a convenient time, hold an informal interview and conduct a photoshoot. Thus allowing potential customers a deeper comprehension of what goes in to every product you make. Readers will get to meet you as a maker and begin to understand the background and journey you take to create your individual products.

What is included in a Studio Tour?

A visit from Jo and Carolyn to your studio/ workspace for two hours
An informal interview learning about your ‘Maker Journey’ to include your products, your inspiration, your creative processes and the background to why and how you create
A photoshoot of you, your products and your space. The photographs will demonstrate your production, the face behind the brand, your tools and materials etc
30 + edited photographs for you to use as you please
A permanent presence on our website under ‘Studio Tours’
An intensive ‘Spotlight On’ your studio tour for 3 consecutive days after it goes live on our website. We will be drawing readers’ attention to you via our Instagram and Facebook pages

Your investment: Cost £300

If you would like to book a Studio Tour, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch regarding a convenient date and time.*

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‘The whole interview process was really enlightening for me…it was the speaking out loud that made me realise I’ve got this! The experience has been really encouraging. Your own faith can get you so far but it’s wonderful to have a lift from fellow creatives. So thank you Jo and Carolyn’
— Yasmin Hood
‘I really feel this is the best expression of the concepts and processes behind by work that I’ve been privileged enough to read, so a massive thank you to Jo and Carolyn for capturing studio life so eloquently and sensitively.’

— Sarah Fennell, Freckled Fennell
‘I had such a nice time when The Paperdolls came to visit. We talked, we laughed and I had one of those moments when I realised that I don’t need to be shy of my work; I can start to feel proud…..Super photography by Carolyn and words by Jo. Two very generous ladies who are building up The Paperdolls to be one of the best places to buy craft outside of London.’
— Katie Robbins, Ceramic Magpie

*Please note we reserve the right to decline a studio tour if we feel your work does not fit with the Paperdolls style and ethos.